advantages DNB

dinatale-bertelliDi Natale - Bertelli SpA has been employing TENIFER® treatment since 1970.
It’s the only Italian factory, and one of the few in the world, that uses this process for the production of telescopic cylinders.
Our long experience in the thermal process and the constant researches have enabled our company to improve extension surface quality.   
TENIFER® treatment enables the stages to slid steel against steel, this means that the extensions  can be free from bushings or guide rings as they have sliding surfaces which are highly resistant to wear and seizing.



ADVANTAGES OF DNB CYLINDER-Unlimited life of guides
-Guides with maximum surface of contact
-Longer life fo seals
-The cylinder can be stopped in any position in case of breakage
-The cylinder can qork at the end of its stroke at 180 bars pressure
-Reduce and economic maintenance (only seals)